Anderson Scott is here!!!

He was born almost 3 weeks early on May 14th, weighing in at 6lbs, 11oz and 20″ long.

We feel overwhelmingly blessed to have a new addition to our family.

It has been busy around here with 3 kids, so these days I’m very thankful for the camera on my iphone.

Here’s some of the pictures I’ve gotten of Anderson’s first 12 days:

He’s a very happy and relaxed baby…so far!

First hour of life.

All swaddled up in the hospital.

Heading home!

He’s been getting a lot of love and attention from his older siblings.

I cannot get enough of him.  All grocery shopping, cleaning and contact with the outside world has been put on hold while I snuggle with my precious baby.

I love this sweet face!

I’ll post more later this week on what else we’ve been up to and Anderson’s birth story!


This past week on Instagram:

Justin snuggling on me and the baby bump.  Henry snuggling on Justin.  I love this.

The kids at Ocean Isle Beach, NC.  Ella had her 4th dance competition, so we snuck in a fun day at the ocean!

Strawberry shortcake from Bruster’s Ice Cream.  Probably not what I should be eating, but it was oh so yummy!

We had a family fun day after we got back from the beach, and Justin got to pick where we went the whole day.  It was his reward for patiently sitting through countless hours of dance practices, rehearsals and competitions over the past year for Ella.  We went to lunch, Monkey Joe’s, ice skating and the final stop:  ice cream!

I walked into Ella’s room the other morning to find rose petals all over the floor and Ella in a dress up wedding gown.  She was playing wedding.

My little super hero doing stunts around the house.

Dinner last night.  I’m taking advantage of the summer veggies from the local produce stand.

This past year, something bittersweet has happened in our home.  I have moved on from reading picture books to reading chapter books out loud to Ella and Justin.  We don’t read as much as we used to, mainly because we have had a super busy schedule this past school year.  However, when I do read, it is usually from a chapter book.  Some of the books we have read together this year include From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Little House in the Big Woods.

I love reading to the kids, and I am excited that now they are old enough to listen to some of the chapter books that I remember being read to as a kid.  At the same time, I am a little sad that we hardly ever read picture books anymore.   At least I will get another chance to read some of my favorite titles again in a year or two, since I have another baby on the way.

Recently, I was cleaning out my children’s rooms and ended up organizing all of their books.  Here are some of our all-time favorites that I was reminded of.  I have read all of these countless times to Ella and Justin since they were little:

 One Morning In Maine, by Robert McCloskey

 Angus and the Cat, by Marjorie Flack

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, by Virginia Lee Burton

Corduroy, by Don Freeman

Harry the Dirty Dog, by Gene Zion

The Little House, by Virginia Lee Burton

Make Way for Ducklings, by Robert McCloskey

Umbrella, by Taro Yashima

My Goodnight Book, illustrated by Eloise Wilkins

Big Red Barn, by Margaret Wise Brown

The Napping House, by Audrey Wood

The Little Engine That Could, by Watty Piper

The Hiccupotamus, by Aaron Zenz

Choo-Choo Clickety Clack, by Margaret Mayo

Fancy Nancy, by Jane O’Connor

These are just a few of our favorites!  What are some of your favorites that you read to your kids?

We’ve been busy getting ready for Andy’s arrival over the past 2 weeks.

We’ve painted, assembled furniture, washed baby clothes, had my baby shower, shopped for odds and ends we needed, pulled out old baby toys and started gathering supplies for my hospital bag and the diaper bag.

I’m so excited to meet my new little guy!  Only 6 more weeks left to go!

Andy’s crib

Teeny tiny baby clothes.  I forgot how much I love love love the smell of baby laundry detergent.  And how cute are those pants with the tiger on the bottom!

Me with Matt’s sister and mom at my baby shower.

Cute little robot nesting dolls in Andy’s room.

Unpacking shower gifts

Sophie the Giraffe and some darling suitcases to accessorize the nursery!

Ella helping me open gifts.  All of the clothespins around her waist were part of a game, which she won!

I haven’t used a diaper bag in over 5 years!  I love this one though – I got a great deal on it from Nordstrom last week – 25% off, plus free shipping!

It’s amazing how many 0-3 month size baby outfits can fit into one load of wash.  It makes Ella and Justin’s clothes seem enormous!

I’ve pulled out all of the baby toys that I saved from Ella & Justin.  It seems I only saved the quiet toys.  I can’t imagine why…ha ha ha!  The clock in the back is new though, bought just for Andy.

 We don’t have too much left to do, or at least it seems that way.  I’m sure I’ll find about 200 other things that need to get done over the next few weeks.  My goal is to have everything done for Andy, and have our curriculum finished for homeschool 2 weeks before my due date.  That way I’ll be able to relax and do a few fun things with Ella and Justin before we have a newborn in the house.

Back to reality


Spring break is officially over.  Excuse me while I cry.

Back to school today.  And of course, that means me and the kids.  I wonder if my kids were in public school if I would look forward to spring break being over.

I’d probably get a lot of housework and errands done, but lately I’ve really been enjoying doing homeschool with them.  Maybe it’s becuase I feel so much better than I did when I was in my first trimester in the fall.  Or maybe it’s because I know we only have another month left until I plan to be done with our curriculum for the year.

But, like it or not, today is back to reality, schoolwork and schedules.

On my to-do list for today:

1.  Laundry – everyone’s clothes, including washing all of Andy’s little newborn and 0-3 month outfits.

2.  Preparing dinner for tonight – we’re having chicken fajitas and corn on the cobb.

3.  Scheduling Ella’s end of the year homeschool test (the Woodcock Johnson).

4.  Sweep and mop all the floors downstairs.

5.  Pick up new inhaler from the drug store.

6.  School with the kids (about 3 hours worth today for our 1st day back -a light day to break them back in gently).

7.  Text all of my egroup girls to remind them that egroup resumes this week & then plan our lesson.

8.  Grocery store – I need a few things for dinner tonight.

9.  Take Ella to dance.

10.  Clean out filing cabinets in our office and re-organize all of our bills/paperwork.  We’re trying to stay on a budget this year, and I think getting organized will help!

11.  Pick up thank you cards from Target for my baby shower gifts.

12.  Schedule Justin’s 6 year well visit.  His birthday was in January, but I don’t like to take him to the doctors during sick season.

I hope your spring break was as relaxing as mine!  Having a week off of school and activities made me super excited for summer vacation!!!  The countdown begins!

My kids and their best friends, Jake & Josh.  Spring break meant play dates, outside activities and frozen treats!

Since we have a new baby that will making an appearance right around the time that summer vacation starts, I have been busy brainstorming ideas of how to keep my kids busy this summer while I’m busy with a newborn.  It’s been years since we’ve dealt with nap times, breastfeeding schedules, strollers, and all other things baby, which means that the past few summers, we’ve been able to do what we want, when we want.  This summer, that won’t really be possible, so I needed to come up with some creative ideas of things we can do in the house while the baby naps or that my kids can do while I’m on the couch nursing.  I don’t want them to have a boring summer just because I’m having a baby, so I came up with the following ideas to keep summer fun!

Easter 2012

  • 3 Easter egg hunts
  • 1 Scavenger hunt to find Easter baskets
  • Time spent with Grandma & Grandpa
  • Lunch with Matt’s family
  • Egg coloring with cousins
  • 3 Church services – 1 to worship, 2 to serve
  • Resurrection eggs and family time spent teaching Passover and the Resurrection story
  • 1 Easter Party with our homeschool friends
  • 1 Exhausted family that feels very blessed and thankful to have a personal relationship with our risen Savior and King, Jesus Christ.  


Justin (6), Mason (11), Gavin (9), Hudson (13), Ella (7) & Owen (7) – Cousins!


Matt’s mom generously offered to bring all of the candy and eggs that we needed for our get together yesterday.  All of the cousins dyed eggs, did an egg hunt and ate lots and lots of candy!






I hope you had a great and happy Easter as well!