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Wanna know what happens when you let your almost 4 year old clean up her room by herself?  You find diapers in your washing machine!!!  Guess it was easier to put it in the hamper than the trash.  I do have to say that Target brand diapers hold up very well through the wash…weighing in […]

Bedtime roundup


Okay, I have no idea why, but every night my kids get so hyper right before bedtime.  It’s like they just know when I’m really tired and wanting them to go to bed, and they start going berzerk!  Of course I have heard that if you wrestle around with your kids right before bed, they […]

Hello blog


After months of enjoying reading other people’s blogs, I am finally starting my own.  I have no idea what I am doing getting this set up really, but hopefully it will look interesting soon.