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We are packing up and leaving for our vacation in the mountains today!  We are going with Matt’s parents, and my brother and cousin will be joining us later in the week.  We are definitely looking forward to going boating, jet skiing, golfing, hiking and just plain old relaxing before the school year starts up.  […]

Wake Boarding


Justin has been obsessed with wake boarding and snowboarding for months now.  We aren’t really sure how he knows about either sport, but he has been asking to do both of these things on a daily basis.  So when we went up to the lake yesterday, we thought it would be fun for him to […]

Yesterday we drove down to Greenville, SC to see Matt’s grandma and his parents.  The kids enjoyed a train ride finding treasures in Grandma and Grandpa’s garage and visiting with their great grandma However, we are paying for this trip today.  Since neither of them got much sleep yesterday due to missed naps and the […]

This past Thursday Matt and I both went to the dentist for cleanings and fillings. While we were there I ended up feeling a little dizzy and off balance, so we decided that I shouldn’t drive home (we drove there separately since our appointments started at different times). This morning when we went back to […]

We have a new obsession in our house.  It’s a show called Hi-Five, and my kids just can’t get enough.  It’s a kids show on TLC that has real people singing and dancing.  Ella & Justin love it because, well, I am not really sure.  It’s fun and new.  I love it, because they both agree to […]

Close Call


Yesterday, about 5 minutes after our family had left The Children’s Place store, Ella asked, “where’s kitty?”  Kitty is her stuffed animal lovey that she has taken everywhere with her since she was a baby.  We drove straight back to the store and spent about 20 minutes searching under all the racks of clothing, inside […]

Yesterday was Ella’s 4th birthday! We had so much fun. I decided not to do another big pool party like we had the last 2 years. Instead, we started the morning off with a couple of her closest friends and had donuts. Then, Matt and I took her to Red Robin for lunch where she […]