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Gobble Gobble


I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving.  I had one of the best Thanksgivings ever this year!!!!  No stress AT ALL!!!!!!!!  I didn’t cook a single thing, or clean my house or do any dishes!!!  It wasn’t because I was lazy either, it was because Matt’s parents took all of us to the […]

We will be seeing Matt’s grandmother for Thanksgiving this week.  My sister in law is making a little scrapbook to give her, and she asked me to make a few pages of our family to put in it.  I thought I would post what I’ve spent the last day doing…..


So, I am always promising to post my scrapbook pages on this blog & I had a few minutes during the kids nap time today to make a quick page.  It’s of Ella’s first day of preschool.  I know…a few months behind, but at least I’m trying!

Last night we went to Ella’s preschool for their first ever Thanksgiving program.  It was the cutest thing ever!  All the little kids wearing pilgrim hats, singing and dancing up on the stage.  Hilarious!  For those of you who know Ella well, know that she is very shy.  So, as you can imagine, this was […]

Last week my friend Pete, who is also a photographer, took some pictures for our family for our holiday card.  They turned out great!  Here are a few of my favorites…   Thanks Pete!!!!  Now, on to design the Christmas card.

If you read my last post, then you probably know that I was not that happy on Tuesday night after the election results came in. I think it’s absolutely wonderful that our country voted for it’s first African-American president, but at the same time I am very concerned over Obama’s plans for the United States […]

Well, tomorrow is the big day. I have no problem admitting that I am voting for McCain/Palin tomorrow. I am not a private person about that…I am one of those people with a McCain sticker on the back of my car. There are many reasons why I am voting for McCain, but the biggest reason […]