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I am so glad that it is almost the new year.  I love the feeling of starting fresh.  The holidays are over, which means the decorations are down and my house is returning to normal.  We even spent the last few days reorganizing every nook and cranny in our house, which included giving away more […]

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.  Ours was very relaxing.  It’s nice the kids are old enough now to really get into it.  I am happy to announce that I have a new best friend…my Garmin Nuvi 255w.  That was my gift from Matt, and I am in love!  I am horrible…really, really, […]

For the last 4 days I have been eating, sleeping and breathing gingerbread houses.  I have always wanted to make a real gingerbread house all from scratch, and I decided that this was the year!  Not only did I decide to make my first gingerbread house, but I invited all of my nephews over to […]

Yesterday was Matt’s birthday, and so we did his favorite thing…went to a hockey game!  Matt and Justin were in heaven.   Charlotte doesn’t have a NHL team, so minor league had to do.  At just over 90 seconds left in the game our team still hadn’t scored, but finally they came through and tied it […]

Happy Wiiday!


My husband is turning 32 on Sunday, but we celebrated today by letting him open his presents a little early.  He finally got his Wii that we bought over a month ago (I had intentions of it being a suprise, but he ended up being with me when I bought it)!  So even though he […]

to be busy!  Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while.  We have been so busy this month with all the holiday activities.  It’s my own fault…I love to schedule something to do every minute of the day, so I can’t complain.  And hey  – we have been doing mostly fun things.  But, honestly, I […]



The past few days in our house have been crazy busy!  But so much fun!  We got our tree up this week, almost finished our shopping, and I even did a whole bunch of wrapping!  I had to get those out of town gifts in the mail before there’s a long line at the post […]