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Here are a few scrapbook pages I’ve been working on.  Hope you enjoy! Credits from top to bottom: Page 1 – Tweet Heart kit by Rachel Young at, paper from Best Friends Forever kit at Page 2 – Tweet Heart kit by Rachel Young at Page 3 – 13 W. Haunted Lane […]

Yesterday we had a bird in our minivan.  Repeat….a bird in our minivan.  It wasn’t on the inside where we sit, but somehow he got stuck behind the grill on the front of our vehicle.  Ella noticed him while she was sitting next to the front window coloring…she could see him through the grill hopping around, and then […]

Love the chaos!


I realized today that I love having a house full of kids!  That probably seems really weird, but I love all the chaos and noise.  I love hearing my kids and all their friends giggling and having fun.  I love watching them build forts, play dress up, use their imaginations and seeing 4 kids laying […]

Yesterday was the first day in over 3 months that the weather was over 70 degrees.  I was so excited!!!!!  I decided that the kids should definitely skip naps to play outside.  We walked down to the playground and creek in our neighborhood, where I leaned 3 things. 1.  If you let your son play […]

Love this book!


I just started reading this book, which was recommended to me by a friend.  It is so good!  I’m only on the 3rd chapter, but so far I love it, and I just had to share with you all.  Sorry, it’s white & I know you can’t see it well.  It looks really good in […]

Fun Friday!


Today was family fun day!  Our schedules are pretty hectic around here, and we usually aren’t all at home at the same time with nothing to do.  Today, however, we were, so Matt and I decided to do something fun with the kids!  Please excuse the bad photo…not my personal best, but doesn’t this look like so […]

This morning we woke up to a surprise!  Snow and ice!  The street behind our house was completely frozen, so we did the obvious thing….put on our ice skates!  Well, I don’t have any, but Matt and the kids had a good time.  Until Justin broke down in a tantrum that is.  Check out my […]