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Sorry.   I know I haven’t blogged in a while.  Our whole family got some sort of stomach virus a right after Easter, and since then we’ve been really busy.  The weather finally turned nice and warm, so we’ve been finding all kinds of things to do around here.  Here’s some photos of the past couple […]

Happy Easter!


I hope that everyone had a happy Easter.  I pretty much spent my day taking care of Justin.  I don’t know if he just ate too much candy or if he is really sick (that’s what I’m going with), but he spent all day throwing up.  Bummer!  Good thing we gave the kids their baskets […]

Bunk Beds


Last week we finally got the new bedroom furniture that we had ordered for Justin’s room.  Since my brother has been staying with us since last summer, Justin and Ella have been sharing a room, which they love, but it is very small.  We decided that since Colton will be staying with us for a […]

Today the kid’s went to their friends Josh & Jacob’s house for an Easter party.  They had so much fun!  Here are some pics…. Can you guess which ones are Justin’s?  Yep, far left.  The cracked ones.  That’s what happens when you bang 2 eggs together. Isn’t that cute and fun!  Great treat for the […]