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I guess I’m trying to catch up on some scrapbooking this week!  We’ve been so busy the past few months & I haven’t done much, but now that school’s out, Bible study is over and Matt’s been home a little more, I am trying to take pictures and make some scrap pages. We went to […]

The kids had so much fun playing in the rain the other day.  They started off with their clothes on, holding umbrellas and wearing rain boots.  30 minutes later they were soaked, wearing minimal amounts of clothing with sopping wet hair and shoeless.  Justin  discovered that if you put a toy in the gutter, it […]

Yesterday was the official end to Ella’s first year of preschool.  Last week was the last day in class (which we missed since we were at the beach), but the whole school celebrated the end of the year together at the park yesterday, complete with graduation ceremony, picnic lunches and cake!  I can’t believe it’s […]

Beach Week


We just got back from Hilton Head Island, SC yesterday from our vacation with Matt’s family.  We go every May, and usually it’s hot and sunny, but this year it rained almost the entire time we were there.  We did get one good day at the beach – which we were very thankful for.  Here […]

Braces at 28


For as long as I can remember I have hated my crooked teeth, so I finally decided to do something about it.  I got my braces on yesterday.  The brackets are clear, so they aren’t as noticeable as the silver braces all my friends had when I was a teenager, but they still make me […]

if you are viewing photos that look distorted under my recent post “what we’ve been up to”.  I am not sure why, but on  my Mac these photos look really weird, but on my PC laptop, they look totally normal.  I don’t know how they look for everyone else, but I am sorry if there […]

In case you haven’t met my son Justin, let me just say that life with a little boy full of energy is kind of crazy.  I just had to share this…in less than 24 hours I found a dead worm on my kitchen table that, yes, Justin put there and then tried to put it […]