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Trip to Phoenix


Last week we traveled back home to Phoenix for my brother Duncan’s wedding!  Our whole family was in the wedding party, so our trip was filled with bachelor/bachelorette parties, salon trips, rehersals, dinners and lots of fun!  I think my favorite part (other than seeing my brother marry a wonderful bride) was seeing my kids […]

Today was the first time either one of my kids had to get stitches.  Ella has been to urgent care a few times, but mostly because her arm falls out of the socket easily.  It’s a little scarier when there’s blood involved.  Justin and Ella were both spinning around the living room and he got […]



This past week our good friends and neighbors packed up a moving truck and headed for Virginia.  We are so sad, and we will miss you so much Pete, Sarah, Kyla and Avery!  For the past two years we have gotten to know the Davis’s pretty well.  We have enjoyed cookouts with them, celebrated birthdays […]