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My mouth hurts so bad today.  I just got my braces tightened, and it is not pleasant feeling at all.  I am so sick of having these things on my teeth, and I only have had them on for 4 months.  I have anywhere from 2-5 more months to go, and it has made me […]

Yesterday we made our yearly trip up to Skytop Orchard to pick apples.  We had so much fun and took home lots of goodies including an enormous bag of apples that will probably last us over a month, caramel for dipping and fresh apple cider. Inside the playhouse.

Wow it sure is easy to put up a new blog post with both of my kids in preschool.  I still have Austin during the day (the little boy I watch during the week), but going from 3 to 1 is cake!  Here are my little cutie pies this morning before school. If anyone is […]

The town where we live hosts a 4 day festival every Labor Day weekend.  Here are some photos of how we spent our last day of summer vacation! Caramel apples!  Yum!!!!!!! Uncle Patrick Then, as if we didn’t have enough treats at the festival, we topped off the morning with a trip to Rita’s for […]

Fall Ready


This past week we had the best weather!  The temperatures dropped into the 50’s & 60’s at night and stayed in the 70’s with a breeze most days this week!  I love it!  I even had to wear a light jacket while I sat outside watching the kids ride their bikes in the evenings.  I […]

More Pics….


A few pictures from our trip to Freedom Park in uptown Charlotte this morning……

Yesterday, Justin spent the entire day telling me that he does not want to have training wheels on his bike anymore, and that he knows how to ride his bike without them.  All day he kept asking to go outside and let him try.  Finally, after dinner we did let him try.  And we were […]