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Well, once again, I have a post without any pictures.  I have been horrible the past month about taking photos.  Every Thanksgiving I intend to take pictures of the family, but every year I wind up in a chaotic frenzy trying to get all the food cooked and ready, that I forget my camera.  Every […]



Family.  I am THANKFUL that all of my brothers and their wives moved to Charlotte this year.  I am THANKFUL that they love my kids and spend lots of time with them.  I am THANKFUL that my kids will know how important family is, and that they will grow up surrounded by positive role models. […]

Wow!  Is it really mid-November already?  What happened?  Oh, I know.  We lost over a week when we all had the H1N1 flu last week.  And not only that, but I got bronchitis to top it all off.  Luckily we got it now and not over a holiday.  And I have to say that I […]