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Spring is here!


Wow.  Just when I thought we couldn’t possibly catch anymore sicknesses this year, we did.  Since Halloween we’ve had the swine flu, bronchitis, a stomach bug, ear infections, nose infections, colds and weird rashes infecting us.  Now we can add stomach bug #2 to the list.  A week and a half ago, Matt actually took […]

Favorite Things (this week)! Bath & Body works makes the very BEST candles.  This is my favorite scent for spring!  My whole house smells heavenly! These are so cozy and fun!  I love pajama pants, especially if they’re pink! I bought these because they were on sale.  I never expected them to be so delicious! […]

So, I have never really celebrated St. Patrick’s Day.  Not my thing.  I do try to wear green in hopes of not getting pinched, but that’s where I draw the line.  However, today, I think a new tradition was born in our family in celebration of this Irish holiday.  It all started yesterday when Ella’s […]

These are the flip flops that Ella has been begging me for since winter.  I told her I would get them when it gets warmer.  Well, 2 days ago it got warmer.  All I have heard for the past 2 days is, “can we go get my flip flops?” and “how come that girl gets […]

Game Night


This is the funnest game!  Matt and I played it with the kids the other night and had the best time!  Neither one of the kids needed any help, and it was so cute seeing how creative they were acting out the picture on their card.  We made it even easier when we ditched the […]

hello again!


Wow, I think that this is the longest I’ve ever gone without posting!  We have been so busy around here, I almost forgot I have a blog.  February marked the start of racing season, which means Matt has been crazy busy at work.  He had a total of 6 days off the entire month, and […]