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Just thought you should know… There is a really awesome new store that just opened up here in Charlotte, Crazy 8. It is owned by Gymboree and has clothes just as cute, but less expensive! I mean, where else can you buy a shirt that has actual googly eyes on it?  For $9.50! and… If […]

Note:  Not every post can be happy and fun.  Sometimes you just have to whine.  And be honest. Whew!  I am so glad this week is over!  It has not been the most pleasant.  Not the worst, but not very good either.  Let’s see, Monday started off with a dentist appointment (for me).  One that […]

Last night I thought my heart was going to melt.  Ella got up and told me she had a bad dream and that she was scared.  I made sure she was okay and then sent her back to bed.  A while later I went in her room to make sure she was able to fall […]

The Help


This book is so good, I have decided it needed it’s own post.  If you haven’t already read it, you can buy yourself a copy here.

What a week!  We have had so much fun on spring break!  I had intended to take lots of photos, but after I brought my camera to Carowinds and realized that I had forgotten to put a memory card in it, I just kind of gave up all together!  But here’s a recap… Speaking of […]

Today was a long day.  Awesome, fun and definitely a very Happy Easter, but I am glad to be at home in my p.j.’s now!  We started the day off by getting up before 7am to get ready for church.  Elevation, where we go, rented out Time Warner Cable Arena in uptown Charlotte today so […]

Holidays in our house usually last for several days.  Between preschool, community group, family traditions and the fact that we have so many family members living so close, we always just end up having several days of celebrating.  I decided that I would start posting the photos today so there won’t be as many to […]