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I have a problem.  I love taking photos, but I rarely have my camera handy when I need it.  That is because I am afraid that if I stuff it in my purse, it will break.  I also despise camera bags.  They are just plain ugly and bulky.  And who, besides professional photographers, wants to […]

Why is there always a broken toy waiting to be superglued back together on my kitchen counter?

1.  I have an extreme phobia of fish.  I don’t like to swim with them, look at them or eat them.  They completely freak me out! 2.  I love candy.  Not so much chocolate.  I’m talking sour patch kids, gummy bears, red vines, starburst – it’s like I’m still a kid! 3.  Someday I hope […]

After a lot of thought and prayer over the summer, Matt and I have decided that I will be homeschooling Ella this fall!!!  Yep, you read that right.  I will be teaching Ella from our home instead of sending her to public school.  I know most of you reading this probably think I am crazy […]

Matt is officially an employee again!!! A few weeks ago he accepted a full time position with Speed! After a year and a half of freelance, it is nice to have something steady again and have BENEFITS!!! God really did bless us tremendously during the course of Matt’s freelance stint, but it was at times […]

Fall, my favorite season, will be making an appearence soon.  I went to Bath and Body Works for some soap today, and found this… Oh, the little things that make me so happy! Yes, it’s the little things like Ella’s new lunchbox… How cute is that?  (She got the frog) and anything else related to […]

Last week Matt and I headed south to Mexico for our 1st trip completely alone since our Hawaiian honeymoon over 7 years ago!  We had such a great time.  Our resort was beautiful and offered everything I could have wished for…modern decor, beautiful pools, people bringing me mango tangos and strawberry daiquiris while I laid […]