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Yesterday, I kept Justin home from preschool just to make sure he was feeling 100% better. Yesterday, I got a little taste of what it would be like if Justin was not in preschool while I do homeschool with Ella. While Ella was downstairs doing this… Justin was upstairs doing this… Yes, he was having […]

This weekend did not go as planned. The plan was to go to 2 soccer games.  As luck would have it, I was the parent in charge of snacks and drinks for both of those games.  The plan was also to take Ella to a birthday party on Saturday and Justin to one on Sunday. […]

The other night Matt and I had to wash Justin’s mouth out with soap.  It was not fun.  It was even less fun when Justin called me a “stupid girl” and threw his toys at me and spit at me.  Sometimes timeouts only get you so far.  Sometimes you just have to try something new. […]

Every year, we go to Sky Top Orchard to pick Apples in September.  We started this tradition when Ella was 1, and we have only missed one fall since then (due to a drought and no apples). Every year it gets easier being that the the kids can actually pick their own apples and walk […]

We spent 4 hours on the soccer field this morning!  This is what Justin looked like when we got home. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so dirty.  He actually had sweat the color of dirt dripping down his face. And you would not even believe the amount of dirt that exploded out of […]

Every night at dinner time, this is what I hear, “Ewww, gross!!!  I don’t like that!  I want something else!”  – Justin.  Seriously, people.  That is really the exact phrase I hear.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  NIGHT!!! For example, tonight.  I made spaghetti, meatballs and garlic bread.  I get the not liking meatballs (for kids) or garlic […]

This arrived on my doorstep today!  I love this brand of nail polish.  I have been looking for their new fall colors for weeks, and I haven’t been able to find them in stores anywhere.  I finally ordered them online, because I was sick of making trips to Ulta and Target with no luck.  Now, […]