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Today I hosted a Halloween party for our homeschool group. Of course there was tons of sugar filled foods, but hey, it’s Halloween weekend.  Does it really matter at this point? Monster cupcakes Isn’t this the cutest Mickey Mouse you’ve ever seen?  We also had a ballerina, Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee (as in Transformers), Darth […]

Aw Shucks!!!


Today we went on yet another homeschool fieldtrip to Aw Shucks farm out in Monroe, NC.  This time with our church homeschool group.  We had SO much fun!!!  The place was adorable and had a ton of fun things for the kids to do…a corn maze, a petting zoo area, a hay ride, a slide, […]

This weekend my brothers and sisters in law came over to carve pumpkins. We put the kids to bed, poured ourselves some wine and had a grand ol’ time! This is Patrick’s.  Isn’t is so cute!  He didn’t even have to trace this on or anything – he’s super creative! Round 2 with the kids […]

Today, I was diagnosed with moderate asthma.  That sucks, right?  Kind of, but I am actually more relieved.  The past few years I have been having weird health problems that no one could really seem to figure out.  It all started the summer of 2008 when I was under a lot of stress.  One day […]

Today we went on a field trip with some of our homeschool friends. We have been to Hunter Farm every fall since my kids were born, and they love it! Pumpkins, hayrides, petting areas and plenty of places to run around outside! Some of the things we learned about – wheat, corn, pumpkins, cow milking […]

I get asked frequently how I homeschool, what I do with Ella and what curriculum I use. Here are some photos from a normal weekday at our house that pretty much sum up what we do around here. This week, Ella started learning subtraction.  I have to get creative with math to make it fun, […]

Fall Crafts


Yesterday, the kids got a fun fall package from my dad and stepmom.  They always love getting things in the mail, but this one had an art project, which is Ella’s favorite! Justin’s scarecrow