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The past several days have not been my most favorite. It all started last week when I got a phone call from my dad telling me that my grandmother had passed away (my second grandparent to pass away in the last 6 weeks). The funeral was on Sunday, only 3 hours away from where I […]

Dear Justin, this is what it looks like when your sister takes over your birthday gift, a Melissa and Doug castle, while you’re at preschool. Off to the ball! Oh, but, wait!!!  There’s an evil, masked enemy threatening to ruin the ball! Oh no!  The princesses have been captured! Ah, but of course!  Their knights in […]

Have I ever told you how blessed my kids are? I mean, they have every single one of their aunts and uncles living within 15 minutes of our house. Uncle Scott & Aunt Tamery, Uncle Patrick & Aunt Shayne, Uncle Duncan & Aunt Courtney and Uncle Colton! In the last week alone, Aunt Shayne took […]



Last weekend Justin turned 5!!! But before I tell this story, let’s back up a minute… Last year, when he turned 4, Justin requested to have a small party.  But, I forced him to invite almost every friend he had to the Little Gym for a big celebration.  He spent the majority of his party […]

I bought this unabridged version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for Ella as one of her Christmas gifts this year.  It is absolutely beautiful – the type of book you want to have on your shelf, as well as one that will last for years and years. I am a huge fan of reading to […]

We had yet another snow storm yesterday here in the Queen city! We played in the snow two times, drank hot chocolate, watched Despicable Me, played Jenga, read books and sat around in our cozy, warm p.j.s all day.  It was glorious!!! Justin wearing Matt’s old ski goggles! Justin loves these goggles.  He not only […]