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There are about 5 weeks left until school starts.  This past week, I decided I should probably start trying to get organized and figure out my plan for the upcoming school year.  I will be doing kindergarten with Justin and first grade with Ella, so I really need to have a plan together now that […]

This Week


This week… Justin played Super Mario Brothers on his Nintendo DS more than he should have. He played it so much he almost turned into Mario himself. This week… We babysat my best friend’s 3 boys while she delivered her 4th boy! Ella loves playing mommy to 2 year old Sam. This week… I purchased […]

Mountain Trip


We spent the week of Independence Day in the mountains and at Lake Keowee in South Carolina with Matt’s family this year. We had so much fun and managed to cram all kinds of activities into our 6 day stay. First, there was some boating.  (All 6 of the cousins, my brother in law and […]



Poor Henry. Yesterday he got neutered.  Now he has to wear an Elizabethan collar for 7 days!  And somehow, we have to keep him from running, jumping and playing for 7 days. So, for the next week, this is what we’ll be doing a lot of… sitting down on the couch trying to keep him still, […]

Hold the fort


The kids had their friends over today, and they spent most of the morning playing in these forts. Luckily for them, I am planning on replacing our older couch soon, so I let them use those cushions on my kitchen floor. I love watching kids use their imaginations to play make believe.