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Sky Top 2011


A few days ago we drove up to Sky Top Apple Orchard, like we do every fall.  It’s about a 2 hour drive, but it’s worth it just for the yummy caramel dip  and apple butter they sell there. Justin sure looks like he’s having fun.  He actually had a great time; this is just […]

We started school almost 2 weeks ago.  The evening of our 1st day was Henry’s 2nd trip to the hospital, and my kids were up until 11:30pm.  I’m sure you can imagine their behavior the following day.  Last week, which was our 1st full week, Ella came down with some sort of stomach virus for […]

Here we are again, Labor Day weekend, at the Matthew’s Alive festival. This is what I get when I try to have my picture taken with my kids.  Really?  After I practically melted standing in line to take them on rides and purchased them snow cones and cotton candy?  Not even one picture. The motorcycle […]

Did you know


that the ingredient found in most sugar-free gum, Xylitol, is extremely dangerous to dogs? I had no idea. About 2 weeks ago, Henry got into my purse while I was upstairs and ate a couple pieces of my kid’s Bubblicious gum and a piece or two of my Orbit gum.  I didn’t think anything of […]