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And Repeat


Another sick day for Justin. Yesterday he played outside all day long with as much energy as you could possible imagine. Today at church he kept lying down on the floor, including the asphalt in the church parking lot and inside the lobby.  If you know Justin, you know that he never sits down, let […]

This winter has been great here in Charlotte.  It has been so mild that I’ve hardly noticed it’s winter. However, the past week has been pretty rainy and cold.  I thought the kids were going to wiggle right out of their skin from having to stay in the house several days in a row. Today, […]

Sneak Peak


A few things arrived for Andy’s room today. I am going a little more modern this time, instead of your traditional “baby” decor.  I have already decorated 2 nurseries in the past with a more babyish feel, and I wanted to do something different this time around. The colors:  Dark blue, light blue, gray, orange […]

This winter, the kids are learning about the human body. Every week we learn about a different part of the body and it’s function. Last week, we covered the brain.  This week, the heart and blood. After our lesson, the kids color and cut out the weekly body part and paste it onto a life […]



Sick again (sigh)… At least I’m using my time stuck inside to get the rest of the Christmas decorations put away.

Yesterday I celebrated my 31st birthday.  Now I can’t say that I am just 30 anymore, I am actually in my 30’s.  Weird.  When did that happen?  I remember my parents watching that t.v. show, Thirty-Something, when I was a kid and thinking that people in their 30’s were so old.  I don’t think that […]

Justin turned 6 on Sunday! He had a small family party on Saturday night, followed by a friend party at Chuck E. Cheese on Sunday, followed by a sleepover with a few close friends Sunday night. This was his gift from me and Matt.  A pretend Ducati motorcycle – battery powered, of course.  For Ella’s […]