Baby #3 is a…



We are thrilled to be adding another little man into our family, and Justin couldn’t be happier that he is getting a little brother.  We had all thought that it was going to be a girl, so it was a little shocking when the ultrasond tech told us boy.  It’s funny because I had thought girl all along until the second I saw him on the screen.  The whole time the tech was taking measurements, I kept referring to the baby out loud as a “him”.  Then, when the tech was having trouble taking measurements because the baby was moving around so much, I figured she was definitely going to tell us it was a boy.  Justin never stopped moving in my stomach, and apparently this baby is following in his big brother’s footsteps.

As soon as the ultrasound was over, we headed over to the Gap to pick out a few little outfits for him.  The kids, especially Ella, had fun doing that.

Justin picked out glow in the dark pajamas, as any good big brother would!

We have decided on a first name already, which is Anderson, but we will probably call him Andy most of the time.  I have loved that name for a long time, and I knew that if I had another boy, that would be his name.  We are still in search of a middle name though.

Well, I am off to rummage through Justin’s baby clothes to see what we will get to use again!


3 Responses to “Baby #3 is a…”

  1. 1 Julie

    damn, it’s julie…not manwaring clan again lol

  2. 2 manwaringclan


  3. 3 Janet Farwell

    He’s cute already and Andy is a great name! We are very excited to add another little boy to our family.

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