Ivy + Bean


Ella’s newest reading obsession:

Right before Christmas, I realized that Ella was probably ready for chapter books.  She got a couple of Junie B. Jones books in her stocking and as gifts, and within 3 days, she had read all 3 of them (apparently using her book light to read after she had been tucked into bed).  I didn’t have any idea she’d be able to read them that fast, so last week I ordered her the first book in the Ivy + Bean series.  I gave it to her last night, and she’s already almost halfway done reading it.  She even asked me this morning if I can order her more.  I guess reading chapter books is much more interesting than level 3 of those I Can Read books.


One Response to “Ivy + Bean”

  1. 1 Janet Farwell

    Remember how much you used to like the Sweet Valley Twins? Too bad I got rid of them all. . .

    Don’t forget to take her to the library. I used to love to go. One of my mom’s best things was that she took me every two weeks and she would just go off and leave me alone to pick out my own books. (I’m sure she was in the library somewhere but I have no idea what she was doing while I searched carefully for my favorite authors and new books that looked good.) I don’t remember her ever hurrying me AND I was able to take out lots and lots of books, enough to last the two weeks.

    And if Ella’s going to go through books that quickly, the library will be much more cost effective than buying her books.

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