Sneak Peak


A few things arrived for Andy’s room today.

I am going a little more modern this time, instead of your traditional “baby” decor.  I have already decorated 2 nurseries in the past with a more babyish feel, and I wanted to do something different this time around.

The colors:  Dark blue, light blue, gray, orange and a little bit of lime green here and there.

 I’ve found a lot of cute things at The Land of Nod and some really cute art for the walls on Etsy.

I know it will take me a while to put it all together (ummm…at least a month for me to clean out the room, which is used as a throw-any-and-everything-that-doesn’t-have-a-home-in-here spare room right now), but I have about 4 months before he’s due.

I am planning on putting some robot accessories in the room, and I couldn’t resist this cute fox toy bin (also from The Land of Nod):

How could I not buy that?


One Response to “Sneak Peak”

  1. 1 Julie

    I love land of nod 🙂 can’t wait to see his room ahhh!

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