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Last year I discovered the wonderful world of online grocery shopping. Anyone who has children knows how stressful it can be to take them to the grocery store, and the older mine get, the harder it gets.  I can no longer contain them in a cart, and for some reason, they love to fight with each other in the […]

My mom came to Charlotte this week to meet our newest family member, Ainsley, my brother’s sweet baby girl. Today she came over to play with Ella and Justin.  My brother and Ainsley came too.   It was great, because while my mom was playing with my kids upstairs, I finally got a chance to […]

Okay, is anyone else sick of winter yet?  We’ve had such a mild winter that I really shouldn’t be complaining, but I am so done with rain and wind and cold and dark nights.  I am ready for warm weather and flip flops and daylight savings.  Yesterday, it rained and the temperatures were in the […]



Do you ever feel like in every blog you follow everyone has a perfect life, perfect kids, the perfect house and a perfect job? Maybe it’s just the blogs that I follow, but everyone always seems to have everything together.  They take beautiful pictures, make crafts with their kids, sew, cook, bake, decorate and their kids are […]