Worth every penny!


Last year I discovered the wonderful world of online grocery shopping.

Anyone who has children knows how stressful it can be to take them to the grocery store, and the older mine get, the harder it gets.  I can no longer contain them in a cart, and for some reason, they love to fight with each other in the grocery store.  It is extremely hard to focus on what I need to get when I have 2 kids arguing, tattling, climbing on and off the cart, getting in the way of the other shoppers and nagging me to buy junk food.

And not only is it challenging taking them to the store, it is also very time consuming.  Since we homeschool, I don’t have a lot of extra hours to do errands during the day, not to mention get every other household task accomplished that I am in charge of.

So for $5 per order, online grocery shopping has become my new best friend.  It is the best feeling to pull up in front of the store, roll down my window to push a button, have someone load all of my groceries in my car for me and pull away without ever having to exit my vehicle.

Whoever came up with this idea must have been a genius…or a mom!


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