Here’s a recap of the past several weeks in photos:

Matt’s parents took the kids to the circus a few weeks ago – they loved it!

We made boxes full of goodies to donate to the Ronald McDonald house here in Charlotte for LOVE WEEK 2012.

Ella has taken up knitting.  She is making a little blanket for a special someone, but I’m not allowed to give away that secret yet (I promised her)!  She even took this photo herself.

The children have been doing a lot of jumping with all the nice weather we’ve been having.

Valentine Making

A new game from Grandma Farwell.

I finished book #1 of the Hunger Games series, and I’m currently halfway through book #2.  I am so excited for the movie, which comes out later this month!

We had a bit of drama cleaning up the playroom.

Since Matt is actually home before bedtime on Friday nights, we have been ordering pizza and watching a movie to celebrate our one family night per week.  And, you just can’t have movie night without candy or popcorn, right?

It’s that time of the year again.  Mmmm…frozen thin mints.

The kids are in art class now for the next 8 weeks, which means I get an hour to myself (and with the hubby) to sit outside, drink Starbucks and read.  Thursdays rock!

Working hard to get all of our curriculum finished by mid-May, before Andy’s expected arrival.

I hope this shot of my preggo belly doesn’t gross you out.  I love that the kids have been getting to feel their little brother kicking up a storm lately.  I love having big kids during this pregnancy – it is so fun that they get to take part in what is happening.

Love this furry, little guy!

Hooked on Phonics

A favorite breakfast or snack around here:

blueberries, vanilla yogurt, strawberries, more vanilla yogurt, granola and chocolate chips on top

Justin’s drawing from his 1st art class on cartooning…the alien from Toy Story.  Pretty good, huh?

Getting ready for baby.  I finally registered for my upcoming shower.  It’s weird to be starting over after 6 years.  I am starting to panic a little though – we haven’t really done a thing to get ready, and he’ll be here in about 12 weeks!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I’ve been taking tons since I am doing Project Life this year, but I’ll tell you about that in another post soon!


One Response to “Photos”

  1. 1 Janet

    I loved the pictures and Justin is quite the artist! And I will help with anything that’s not ready for Andy so no worries. He won’t care.

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