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This past year, something bittersweet has happened in our home.  I have moved on from reading picture books to reading chapter books out loud to Ella and Justin.  We don’t read as much as we used to, mainly because we have had a super busy schedule this past school year.  However, when I do read, it is usually from […]

We’ve been busy getting ready for Andy’s arrival over the past 2 weeks. We’ve painted, assembled furniture, washed baby clothes, had my baby shower, shopped for odds and ends we needed, pulled out old baby toys and started gathering supplies for my hospital bag and the diaper bag. I’m so excited to meet my new […]

Back to reality


Spring break is officially over.  Excuse me while I cry. Back to school today.  And of course, that means me and the kids.  I wonder if my kids were in public school if I would look forward to spring break being over. I’d probably get a lot of housework and errands done, but lately I’ve […]

Since we have a new baby that will making an appearance right around the time that summer vacation starts, I have been busy brainstorming ideas of how to keep my kids busy this summer while I’m busy with a newborn.  It’s been years since we’ve dealt with nap times, breastfeeding schedules, strollers, and all other things baby, […]

Easter 2012 3 Easter egg hunts 1 Scavenger hunt to find Easter baskets Time spent with Grandma & Grandpa Lunch with Matt’s family Egg coloring with cousins 3 Church services – 1 to worship, 2 to serve Resurrection eggs and family time spent teaching Passover and the Resurrection story 1 Easter Party with our homeschool friends […]