Summer fun ideas for kids


Since we have a new baby that will making an appearance right around the time that summer vacation starts, I have been busy brainstorming ideas of how to keep my kids busy this summer while I’m busy with a newborn.  It’s been years since we’ve dealt with nap times, breastfeeding schedules, strollers, and all other things baby, which means that the past few summers, we’ve been able to do what we want, when we want.  This summer, that won’t really be possible, so I needed to come up with some creative ideas of things we can do in the house while the baby naps or that my kids can do while I’m on the couch nursing.  I don’t want them to have a boring summer just because I’m having a baby, so I came up with the following ideas to keep summer fun!


One Response to “Summer fun ideas for kids”

  1. 1 Janet Farwell

    These are all great ideas. Did I give you a little green metal box a few years ago? It had index cards inside with different ideas of things for kids to do written on them. Home Depot has little kits where you can plant your own seeds–I always want to buy them for your kids. Maybe we can go there while I’m visiting and get that project started!

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